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Texas Restorative Health is a bio-natural hormone replacement treatment center located in the Greater Dalles Area.  We provide bio-identical hormone replacement treatment (BHRT).  Our program involves a one year program where we analyze a patient’s current hormone levels through their symptoms as well as lab services to determine the pellet therapy dosage determined by by our medical team which consists of our experienced physician and nurse practitioner, both of whom are experienced in BHRT.

We know there are many BHRT options throughout the Dallas Metroplex which make it extremely difficult to select the best provider for YOU.  Allow us to list OUR value and why you should give us careful consideration and worthy of your time:


  • From the moment you grace our doors, we make YOU our #1 priority! We care.
    TRH has an embedded culture of providing exceptional patient care.  That means we allow sufficient time at EVERY visit to fully understand your concerns.  We listen.
  • Our medical staff are experienced BHRT specialists.  This is our core business so we don’t waste your time trying to sell you services that are not related to our business. We are caregivers not salespeople.
  • It is our practice for our skilled medical practitioners to perform a history and physical before initiating treatment.
  • From its conception, TRH has received their pellets from a well respected and PCAB accredited, state-of-the art compound pharmacy.
  • And, finally, one of our goals is to educate the general public on the benefits of BHRT and dispel myths and misconceptions.  So, call TODAY and take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation!